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Belly Fat Reduction Is Possible Through The HCG Fat Release System – Exercise Strengthens Abdominals For Definition

th_abdominals(THP) Belly fat is a common problem among people in modern society. This happens mainly because of the wrong choice of foods, and lack of physical exercise in the daily routine. Many people want to get rid of belly fat mainly because they like to get back the attractive shape of their body. It is also essential because excessive belly fat may lead to health problems like high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, and many other diseases. If one starts taking measures for belly fat reduction at the early stages, then the chances of getting the desired result is greater. Otherwise, reduction of belly fat becomes slightly difficult, as the fat in this section of the body is quite stubborn.

Thousands Of People Have Had Success
With This Fat Loss And Re-Sculpting Process

This protocol can be done in 22 to 40 days depending on how much fat you may want to loose. It is common to loose at least 1 pound of fat each day on this program.

Some people have called it the cure to obesity, along with short-term fat loss it is common to have long-term control of your weight forever because of an adjustment made to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

This process is in use today and is quite time-consuming and costly. A 22 day treatment can cost as much as $1,500 and requires shots and daily trips to a clinic to receive the protocol.  This is just not possible for most people.

Dr. Sherrill Sellmen, an accomplished naturopathic doctor, has teamed up with True Healthy Products to create a cost effective and simple homeopathic version of an Oral HCG protocol. Dr. Sherrill has been implementing this program with several of her clients and getting remarkable results.

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Belly Fat Reduction Exercises

Bicycle Exercise: Lie flat on your back on the ground. Lift one leg 10 inches above the ground. Place your hands at the back of your head. Then try to twist the elbow in the direction of the bent knee and hold the position till you finish counting 10. Then change the position and lift the other leg and move the other elbow in its direction. When you change the position of the leg and the arm continuously, it will look as if you are riding a bicycle. Throughout the exercise make sure your body remains straight and do not form an arch. Here are a few more exercises to lose belly fat.

Exercise is a natural way of reducing belly fat. When you are looking for belly fat reduction, you have to focus on fat burning exercises for the entire body, because you cannot reduce fat from one particular portion of the body only. The main aim of the exercises is to strengthen the core muscles of the body. Aerobic exercises, swimming, and cycling are good for belly fat reduction. Here is a list of some simple workouts that you can do at home, to lose belly fat:

Plank for Belly Fat Reduction: This is the most simple exercise for belly fat reduction. Lie down on the ground with your face downwards. Then try to raise your body above the ground on your feet with the support of your hands. Make sure the hands are right under the shoulders. Tuck the navel inside and hold this position as long as possible. In this way, all the muscles of the body get stretched.

Stability Ball Curl: Take an exercise ball and lie your back in such a way that the ball supports the middle of your backbone. Lower your body in the backward direction over the ball. Then curl your body at the front. Repeat this forward and backward curls of the body at least 15 times. During the exercise, do not let your feet rise above the ground and do not bend your shoulders.

Crunches for Belly Fat Reduction: Crunches are considered as one of the best exercises for fat loss.

Lie on your back on the ground and bend your knees. Put your hands at the back or side of the neck and curl your shoulders in the direction of the pelvis. Hold the position for as long as you comfortably can. Make sure you do not put any pressure on the neck with your hands, as it can cause a bad neck injury. The hands should be kept on the neck only for the purpose of providing support to the head.

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