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Learn How To Use Food As Fuel For The Body

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(THP) In my last article, I touched upon the pitfalls of what can keep our bodies from changing. People go to the gym, workout, do some cardio 5 days a week, and still don’t see the result in their physique. One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome is how we view food. Unless you compete in figure, fitness or bodybuilding competitions, your diet does not have to be strict all the time. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to follow a diet that is so strict that they lose the vision of having fun. The end result is misery. The rate at which you desire change – should be the guideline of how strict your diet is.

Before I go any further, let’s talk about the word diet. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as:

1 a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed b : habitual nourishment c : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason d : a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight
2 : something provided or experienced repeatedly <a diet of Broadway shows and nightclubs — Frederick Wyatt>

When you mention the word diet to most people – the first thing that comes to their mind is restricting the amount of food you are eating. My wife is a national level figure competitor, before she started competing, if she wanted to lose weight she would skip breakfast, eat a salad for lunch, and have a small plate of food for dinner, and her body  sent out the signal that it was starving. Most all the food she was eating was being stored as fat. Once she decided to start competing and started eating every 2-3 hours, her physique changed all for the better.

Now the big question “What, when and how often do you need to eat.

As a rule you need to eat every 3 hours. Your main staples need to come from egg whites, oatmeal, fruits, green vegetables, chicken, lean red meat, nuts and at least 64 oz. of water per day. As I mentioned before, my wife is a national level figure competitor, and I compete in bodybuilding. All of our food is measured and/or weighed year round. Off season, we have 1 cheat meal per week, this keeps our food desires in check. When we start our contest diet, cheat meals end. I may get a re-feed (increase in carbs, up to 100 grams per meal for 1 day) but we don’t consider that a cheat meal.

Here is a sample of my current diet:

5:30am 8 egg whites

60 grams oatmeal

3 fish oil tablets

8:00am 6 oz chicken breast

1 cup brown rice

1 oz almonds

10:30am 6 oz Top sirloin

1 serving fruit

1:00pm 6 oz chicken breast

1 cup brown rice

1 Lg salad w/ balsamic vinegar

3:30pm 2 scoops protein powder

1 Tbs peanut butter

5:30pm 2 scoops protein powder

½ bagel w/ 1 Tbs jelly

7:00pm 6oz Top sirloin

3 fish oil tablets

9:00pm 1 scoop protein powder

We make small changes throughout the year depending on how my body is responding. As far as supplements, I take BCAA’s between each meal. I also take 9 A Day Plus (one pack in the morning and one at night) Protein Power Mix, and Stemulite (one daytime in the morning and one nighttime before I go to bed) all from True Healthy Products. Does it take more than this to reach my goals? Absolutely, this is just the tip of the iceberg. But it’s a start for someone looking to change the way they look.

Do you need to eat like this? That depends entirely on your personal goals. Perhaps, you only want to look better. Start by making better food choices. Continue to lift weights and do your cardio, and a better physique is just around the corner. We no longer look at food as food; we look at it as fuel. Start making small changes in your diet and see big changes in you physique.

To learn more about sports nutritionals, and the difference they can make in your health click here>>

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