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HCG Diet Drops: How Do The HCG Diet Drops Work?

HCG Diet drops and tablets seem to have taken the diet world by storm, but do they work? There is compelling proof that the answer is, absolutely. Many people are more than happy to tell the world that they lost the weight using this type of weight loss program. But you don’t have to take their word for it, there is proof to back up their success stories.

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Fat Release System Overview

What Is Homeopathy?

Lose Weight Without The Hunger

Most Powerful Weight Loss System

What Is HCG?

The HCG Diet Drops and Tablets program was designed to regulate the way fat is stored in the body by using hormones to stimulate and release that fat. Since the HCG hormone is naturally secreted during pregnancy, the body releases this fat just like it would do during pregnancy. Oddly, this phenomenon occurs in men the same way it does in women.

The interesting part of these drops and tablets is that apparently, the hormone tricks the body into thinking it isn’t hungry. As a matter-of-fact, most people who have tried the diet claim that they feel content with little food. Dieters taking the HCG diet drops or tablets report losing up to two pounds per day and they say that they are losing these pounds faster than they ever have before. They feel great and they are excited about it. Of course, who wouldn’t love to lose weight quickly and safely without feeling like your starving?

Homeopathic HCG diet drops and Tablets have been deemed 100% safe and they are manufactured in a lab that is approved by the FDA. Yes, the product is completely legal in the United States. They are created using the “Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the US”, which means that they are safe and effective to use.
HCG Diet

How To Use Homeopathic HCG Drops or HCG Tablets

Take the HCG drops as instructed on the bottle. Apply the drops under your tongue. You should hold the drops in your mouth for at least 30 seconds to allow the HCG to absorb into the bloodstream before swallowing.

Take the HCG tablets as instructed on the bottle. Chew the tablet completely and let it dissolve for a minimum of 1 minute under tongue.

It is preferable to not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking the drops or tablets.

HCG Diet | Lose The Fat With No Exercise!

It’s a traditional no-brainer weight loss plan: eat less food and exercise more. Sure, it sounds like that should logically work, right? Why is it that while on the orally administered HCG Diet – Fat Release Program it is strongly recommended that dieters give their exercise regimes a rest while on the diet?

Dr. Simeon suggests, that while on the HCG Diet – Fat Release program, the accepted solution for many who suffer the ill effects of obesity, or extra weight, to not engage in strenuous exercise. Many health conscious individuals do not understand the abandonment of exercise. However, once they understood the physiological effects of the program it absolutely made sense. They missed their exercise regime, but understood the need to take it easy. Once they get into the maintenance phase they can start exercising again.

The specific physiological effects of the HCG Diet Drops and Tablets System –  Fat Release Program make the body feel as if it’s getting plenty of food. But in reality, dieters are only eating approximately 500 calories. This limited caloric intake is simply not enough to support an intense workout.

Dieters who insist on incorporating a workout while on the HCG Raw Diet could inhibit their weight loss. While limited amounts of exercise are okay (20 minutes of walking, for instance) intense workouts just aren’t supportable. Exercise increases hunger.

And on top of that…the combination of the low calorie diet and the exercise could cause the body to go into starvation mode; holding onto the weight you’re trying to lose. It has a negative impact by lowering your stamina and many lose their commitment to the diet plan.

The HCG Diet – Fat Release Program dieters who were upset by the lack of exercise incorporated in the program eventually realized that the weight loss and fat loss were worth the lack of exercise. When they got back to the gym they had better work outs than ever before. The weight loss leaves you with more energy and you’ll feel the effects of a more healthy weight as you pick up your exercise regime where you left off.

If you have tried every diet on the market and feel like there is just no help for you, consider trying the Fat Release System. With so many success stories and data to back it up, there is no reason to think that it wouldn’t work for you too.

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We have had thousands of successful HCG Diet users

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I lost 23 lbs in 38 days and Dropped 2 Dress Sizes.

I have dieted. I have lost weight, slowly… It is frustrating to restrict your eating and then get on the scale and not see it move at all. Progress like that makes giving in so easy. But not on the Fat Release System. As soon as I started the Fat Release System, I started losing weight. The first week was amazing, 7 days, 7 lbs. Wow. I lost 23 lbs in 38 days and I was very thrilled with the results. Clothes that I haven’t worn in years (probably out of style) fit me. I dropped 2 pants sizes and 1 shirt size. The most incredible thing was being able to put on my engagement ring that hasn’t fit in 7 years. I feel fabulous and according to all my friends I look great. I don’t remember the last time I was able to put on a pair of pants and zip them up with ease.

Yes, I was skeptical at first. A friend from high school introduced me to the program. I figured I could do anything for 40 days, so I decided to go for it. It was so easy. And remarkably I didn’t feel hungry or tired. Energized and excited would probably describe my mood during those 40 days. Now I am introducing my friends and family to the program. I hope they will take the opportunity to jump start their metabolism the way I have mine.

– Lisa Miller

I Lost 34 Pounds on the Fat Release System!

I have always struggled with my weight. On January 2, I started the Fat Release System. I started at 204 lbs, after the first 23 days I lost 15 inches and 21 lbs, down to 183 lbs. I am now on the second round and losing more! I have lost another 13 lbs for a total weight loss of 34 lbs. It was amazing to get up every morning and watch the scale go down.

Sherryta Renae

HCG Diet

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