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Natural HCG Drops

Natural HCG Drops

The HCG Diet Program is all natural- The Fat Release System uses all natural HCG Drops this program has had over 3000 people complete the HCG Diet with great success, even while eating our “Healthy Dark Chocolate” throughout the diet.

The Fat Release System is the only natural HCG Diet Program that allows you to eat “Healthy Dark Chocolate” with the diet! Imagine eating chocolate on a fat-burning diet and having results.

Watch this video now! and discover the “Fat Release System Chocolate Diet”

We feel so strongly about this chocolate and our HCG Diet combination, we will give you FREE Chocolate with your diet program. We are also going to give you a daily nutritional supplement that is proving to assist in the success of the Fat Release System HCG Diet.


More About The Natural HCG Drops

The  HCG weight loss program is a method established  by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons  which was originally written in his manuscript entitled “Pounds and Inches.” Unlike conventional medical diet plans, this diet involves a very low calorie diet with HCG drops. HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, should be taken either in the form of injections or through HCG drops which are taken orally. Because HCG is an all-natural hormone, it would easily be digested and absorbed by your system.

The HCG weight loss plan has been helping hundreds of men and women reduce weight, perhaps up to three lbs. a day. Provided that a person follows the  HCG diet plan and eating the right meals, one may count on being able to lose fat steadily as well as maintain the new weight for the long run. What HCG does is raise the body’s rate of metabolism and helps to release the stored body fat. This stored body fats is then converted into energy, and the result is a significant amount of weigh loss in no time.

Some people lose about a pound a day on the   HCG weight loss program, while others have lost up to 1.5 kilos every day. The average weight that one may lose while doing the diet depends on several factors, including your starting weight, which step of the diet you are on, your commitment to the   HCG diet program, as well as whether you’re engaging yourself in workouts while under the program requirements.

Because some of the diet program requires HCG shots, it’s important for you to keep up with the program’s schedule. You can accelerate your weight reduction by increasing vegetable intake, drinking more water as well as by eating more naturally foods.

For you to be able to get HCG shots, you need to get a blood test and have a complete medical examination performed by a physician. No specific preparations are required for individualized HCG injections. A lot of men and women, however, favor to orally take HCG drops instead. HCG drops significantly help to improve loss of unwanted pounds and help you get to your ideal body weight as you go through each and every phase of the   HCG weight loss program.

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