Activz Beet Juice Powder Large

Activz Beet Juice Powder Large

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Activz Beet Juice Powder Large 486g, 54 servings

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Have trouble eating those 9 daily servings of fresh fruits and veggies? Activz Beet Juice Powder can help get you there faster

What is Activz Beet Juice Powder?
Organic, non-GMO beet juice in powder form. Plain and simple.

Why use Activz Beet Juice Powder instead of juicing fresh beets?

  • It’s way easier.
    All you have to do is mix it into water. It takes a fraction of the time, and there’s no unwieldy juicer to deal with or exasperating pink stains on dishes, hands, clothes or countertops.
  • It lasts longer.
    Whole beets can last a week or so in the refrigerator (if you even end up using them), but Activz Beet Juice Powder sits at full nutritional potency in the pantry for several years — using no preservatives whatsoever.
  • It saves store trips and fridge space.
    Each family size canister equals 122 beets you don’t have to pack into the grocery cart or find space for in the fridge.
  • It tastes, looks and smells the same.
    We don’t add any colors, flavors, nutrients or preservatives to make this seem like real beet juice — it is real beet juice, with all its original nutrients, colors and flavors.
  • In fact, it’s better than fresh.

How is it better than fresh?
Most produce you find in the grocery store isn’t as “fresh” as it seems. Most often, by the time you eat it, there’s very little nutrition left:

  • Traditional produce is grown in pesticide-ridden, nutrient-deficient soils, then harvested before it’s fully ripe to prevent spoilage during transit.
  • Ships over a thousand miles and often sits in cold storage before being placed on store shelves. That means it takes at least a week (often much longer) before that product reaches you.
  • Significantly drops in nutrient levels each day that it takes to travel.
  • Drops even further each day it sits in your refrigerator.

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