Fat Release System HCG Diet Program

The Fat Release System HCG Diet Program

PLEASE NOTE - This program is now only available at: www.fatreleasesystem.com

Fat Release System DietThe only HCG Diet that allows you to eat our healthy dark chocolate while you are on the HCG Diet. Thousands of people have completed the Fat Release System successfully and one of the huge benefits we offer with our HCG Diet is our tasty and good for you Healthy Dark Chocolate that is a save snack during phase 2 of the diet.

888-400-2920 Email: support@truehealthyproducts.com

See Below On This Page Free - Fat Release System Diet Guidebook & log Sheet PDF Downloads

(1) This Free Guid e-book is a detailed overview of how, why and what to do to get the greatest success on the Fat Release System diet program.

(2) Fat Release System Free Log Sheet You will want to use our log to keep track of your weight and foods you are eating on the diet. This will keep you on track with your goal and help us determine why a stall happens if it happens. 

HCG Drops are extremely effective when used with the Fat Release System HCG for best results do follow it closely!

If you are not able to download and print these PDF documents, please call our customer support at 888-400-2920 and we will mail you a hard copy or email you the PDF information.

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