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The New Humless L-1500 Fuel Less Generator Is Here!

New Humless fuelless generator by lionenergy 2 Humless Power System

The humless L-1500 is all about practicality and endurance. This lightweight, silent and portable device can last up to 2,000 complete life cycles. Its top-notch functionality and technology can only be compared to its safety.

The L-1500 has no carbon footprint and does not affect the environment, as it produces no fumes and no greenhouse gases.

Top Uses for the The L-1500 Humless Generator

- Emergency backup power for lights and communication
- Off-grid portable power source that can be carried on foot or transported in a car during a natural disaster or emergency.
- Power source for camping,hunting or outdoor activities,making them safer and more enjoyable.

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Hummless L 1500 Stock shipping information Humless Power System

Below is a short video explaining the uses of the  - Humless Fuelless Generator (Note) This is the older unit not the New L-1500 however this will give you a general idea of  how it works!

New Hummless L 1500 FuelLess Generator offer 2 Humless Power System

Bundle Retail Cost $3,319.92 your cost $2,250.00 FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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