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The Fat Release System HCG Diet Is The Only Homeopathic HCG Diet Program That Allows You To Eat Healthy Dark Chocolate During and after the diet!


The Fat Release System HCG Diet Plan

The Fat Release System is the only HCG Diet that allows you to eat our healthy dark chocolate while you are on the HCG Diet. Thousands of people have completed the Fat Release System successfully and one of the huge benefits we offer with our HCG Diet is our tasty and good for you Healthy Dark Chocolate that is a save snack during phase 2 of the diet.    Watch The Video >>

The Fat Release System HCG Diet Benefits:

FRSDropImage Fat Release System | Hcg Fat Release System Diet

– Burn Up To 2 Pounds Of Fat A Day
– Burn Fat Without Exercising
– Diet With No Hunger Pains
– Help Reset Your Metabolism
– Mold And Reshape Your Body
– Eat Healthy Dark Chocolate On The Diet

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Our Healthy Dark Chocolate Health Benefits:
DoctorsChocolate_LargeThe Doctor’s Chocolate is a rich, all-natural, raspberry dark chocolate truffle.

– Lowers daily stress and tension
– Increases mental alertness and focus
– Reduces sugar cravings
– Sweetened with Xylitol, an FDA approved sugar alternative
– Has only 20 calories and 3 carbohydrates per serving
– Safe for diabetics and children

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This Video Below Is A Brief Overview Of How The Fat Release System Works! 

The Fat Release System Consists Of 3 Phases:

The Fat Release System HCG Diet is either the 23 Day Protocol or the 40 Day Protocol, whichever you use depends on how much weight you would like to lose.

Watch Video –> Phase 1 of the HCG Diet: Overeating (Loading) Phase: This phase consists of the first 2 days. Build up normal fat stores by eating a diet high in calories and fat. Eat as much as you want and whatever you want. Eat every few hours. Take HCG Homeopathic drops as directed.

Watch Video –> Phase 2 of the HCG Diet: 500 Calorie Phase: This phase consists of the next 21 days or 38 days (depending on if you chose the 23 or 40 day Protocol). Two meals of 3.5 oz of protein, plus vegetables, fruits, small amount of grains. Take HCG Homeopathic drops as directed.

Watch Video –> Phase 3 of the HCG Diet: Maintenance Phase: For 3 weeks, increase your calorie intake. However, you are not allowed to eat starches and sugar.

What To Do After The HCg Diet Plan?  > > Learn More Here!

Fat Release System HCG Drops

Adults – 10 drops 3 times per day or 5 drops 6 times per day.

USES: Detox, appetite control.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: L-Arginine 3x, 12x, 30x; L-Carnitine 3x, 12x, 30x; L-Ornithine 3x, 12x, 30x; Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x.

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Purified water, 20% ethyl alcohol.

WARNINGS: Do not use if tamper evident seal is missing or broken. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. If you discover you are pregnant while on the program, stop taking your drops and consult your physician. It is always recommended to consult a physician before starting any weight loss program.

Keep out of the reach of children.


There Are More Success Stories and Rave Reviews of Actual HCG Diet Fat Release System Users

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