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Protein Power Mix

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Finally, An All Natural, Great Tasting Protein Shake
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Protein Power Mix utilizes two different types of proteins for the daytime and the nighttime formulas.

Protein Power Mix Daytime Formula…

Builds Strength, Muscle, Endurance and Supports Lean Body Mass

  • All natural with no synthetic compounds
  • An all natural form of carbohydrates
  • All natural stem cell recruiter
  • Reduces bloating or intestinal discomfort
  • Pure isolate protein – and all natural sweeteners
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance
  • Improves and sustains energy
  • Supports lean body mass

Protein Power Mix Nighttime Formula…

Supports Maximum Muscle Recovery, Reduces Soreness and Improves Sleep

  • All natural with no synthetic compounds
  • An all natural form of carbohydrates
  • All natural stem cell recruiter
  • Reduces bloating or intestinal discomfort
  • Slow digesting protein – and all natural sweeteners
  • Increase sleep and reduces soreness
  • Supports maximum muscle recovery
  • Supports lean body mass

Protein Power Mix Overview

Protein Power Mix utilizes two different types of proteins for the daytime and the nighttime formula.

The daytime formula is designed to be taken either first thing in the morning before breakfast, an addition to breakfast, as a meal replacement for breakfast, or a post workout supplement.

The science behind these reasons lies with the daytime’s type of base protein, whey protein. Whey protein is produced when cheese is made from milk. As milk is being processed into cheese there is watery after product that is separated, this after product is the all natural whey protein.

It is important to understand the biochemistry of whey protein to understand why it is in the Protein Power Mix’s daytime formula. Most commonly, whey protein is a mixture of beta-lactoglubolin, alpha-lactalbumin, and serum albumin, which constitutes a large amount of amino acids. This substance breakdown allows us to see that whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of all proteins. In terms of Biochemistry, whey protein is easily digestible (when other additives are natural and easily digestible themselves), easily broken down, and absorbed quickly into the blood stream. It is these specific characteristics of whey protein that makes it suitable for a morning protein and post workout supplement.

Protein Power Mix uses the isolate form of whey protein because it has the least amount of fat content, thus, resulting in fat loss when Protein Power Mix is combined with a balanced meal plan and workout regimen. Protein Power Mix is not only backed by scientific research, but by solid nutrition study as well. Anyone can use Protein Power Mix for any healthy goal. Another way one can take advantage of Protein Power Mix’s whey protein base, is to drink it as a post workout shake. We have learned that the whey protein isolate is easily and quickly digestible, which is the main reason why an individual would consume it immediately after a workout. When we workout we use up energy.

We use that energy to tear our muscles down, so we can build them back up. The best way to begin that recovery process is to get recuperative nutrients into the blood as fast as possible. Well, muscles are made up of proteins and use proteins to build and repair themselves. When protein isolates contain no fat and can get to your muscles fast to begin the repair process. Along with the other all natural nutrients in Protein Power Mix, you will experience immediate energy recuperation and muscle rejuvenation when you drink your shake after you workout. As you can see using Protein Power Mix is easy. It will stop your muscles from breaking down in the morning and after you workout.

Most individuals do not realize that the body does not completely shut down at night while you are sleeping. The body’s biological process simply slow down, thus, the body continues to burn calories while we sleep (just at a slower rate). Therefore, as we sleep we are essentially fasting (not eating) for six, seven, or eight hours. Hence, it is crucial, whether we are trying to gain weight or lose fat, to give our bodies quick, easily digestible, healthy nutrients first thing in the morning. Otherwise, our bodies will become catabolic and reach into our muscles for energy. Our bodies will excrete amino acids and convert them to energy rather than burning stored fat for energy.

If we fill our muscles with protein and other crucial nutrients first thing in the morning, our bodies will no longer deplete our muscles for energy because they are full of protein. Our bodies will reach into an alternate form of stored energy, fat!

Nighttime protein supplements are a topic for debate.

Most individuals are skeptical of ingesting calories late at night because they have the potential to be stored as fat. Consequently, there is some truth to the skepticism. However, if an individual can monitor their caloric intake throughout the day, and be sure that the calories are within proper ratios, then a small amount of good clean calories at night will not create fat gain. Instead of the body storing fat with the nighttime calories, the body will utilize (burn) those calories for repair and recovery.

Protein Power Nighttime Mix (PPNM) is formulated to be taken about an hour before bedtime, or an hour before dinner. The nutrients within PPNM are designed to help the body recover during the most opportunistic recovery period, sleep. During the day we attempt to replenish our bodies with food so we can sustain energy levels. After, the day is through, and we have spent a tremendous amount of energy, we eat dinner and hope that we have replenished what we used. The matter of the fact remains that our bodies can always use a little more help. During the day (if you are on a good nutrition regimen) you will not go more than four hours without eating something healthy. Well, at night after dinner we will sleep for 6, 7, or 8 hours without eating.

We are essentially fasting while we sleep. The body’s biological processes do slow down as we sleep, which is why we should not have a full meal just before bed. However, we should have a supplement that is low in calories just before bed, so that we can give our bodies a better chance of recovering from the day, especially if you workout.

There are a few common symptoms that occur in individuals who are not getting enough nutrients and are not recovering properly. We can attribute these symptoms to low blood serum levels of certain macro and micronutrients. These symptoms such as leg cramps, lower back cramps, troublesome sleeping, morning headaches and morning grogginess are most apparent but not unique to malnourished athletes. There are two major factors which can help reduce these symptoms. First, is making sure the athlete or individual is well hydrated during the day. Second, is supplying them with crucial nutrients at night to ensure proper recuperation.

The most important macronutrient which attributes to reducing troublesome sleeping and constant soreness is protein. Protein is responsible for rebuilding and repairing muscles. When muscles do not have enough water and protein they will cramp because they are trying to pull nutrients from the blood stream that are not present. So, during sleep, the body has a solid 6, 7, 8 hours to rejuvenate itself without disruption. If the nutrients your muscles need are not present in the blood then they will break themselves down to make up for what is lost (catabolism) (or you are in a catabolic state). This process causes severe cramping.

To stop the self-induced catabolism, we formulated a protein supplement that will give your muscles the protein it needs to induce proper recuperation. Yet, we did not use any form of protein, we used a slow burning protein that will take a few hours to be completely digested and metabolized. This protein is called Casein protein. The motive for using a slow digesting protein is to reduce midnight hunger and reduce the length of catabolism. By reducing these aspects individuals will experience better muscle recovery and better sleep.

  • Better sleep leads to a rejuvenated central nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system.
  • A rejuvenated central nervous system helps us stay awake and aware during the day.
  • A rejuvenated endocrine system helps our biological functions stay on track and promotes anabolism.
  • Lastly, a rejuvenated immune system keeps us healthy.
  • Protein Power Mix Nighttime Formula enables the body to slowly digest crucial nutrients throughout the night, without the fear of massive fat gain.

Along with the Casein protein, Protein Power Mix Nighttime Formula contains other crucial micronutrients which enhance the body’s ability to repair itself. The complete formula of Protein Power Mix Nighttime Formula is the best way to ensure your body is receiving all that it needs to keep it going strong.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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