Auto-Ship Program

If you would like to have your products delivered automatically to your on you own schedule you can do this.

NOTE - Paypal will NOT work for the Auto-Ship program Just credit card transactions!

Using our Auto-Ship program gives you the flexibility to create a custom order with some of our products and also take advantage of great Auto-Ship discounts.

By using the promo codes provided on product pages that offer Auto-Ship discounts just insert them in the cart at checkout and you will see the saving add up on your order.

- Your total at checkout will be your recurring total going forward on your future orders as long as your Auto-Ship stays active you will enjoy the discounts and FREE ship if your order is over $99.00

- You can at any time log into your Account using your email and private password to alter your time frame on deliveries and also choose new start date for deliveries in the event you need to do so. In Days 5,10,15,20,25,30,60,90,120,150,180 these are your timeframe options on your Auto-Ship. This program puts you in control of you product flow to best suit your needs. NOTE - to manage your Auto-Ship you must place your order when you are logged in as a user! So you must create a password and have an active account to manage your orders. Use the My Account Tab at the top of this page to make an account now!

If you wish to have 2 different products on auto-ship having different delivery schedules ex (30 days) or (45 days) you will have to set up 2 different orders as each order will have only 1 delivery schedule.

Merchant Services
- Your Payment Information is safe and secure and is NOT stored on our shopping cart. Your encrypted payment data is stored at one of the largest payment processing company. Your payment information can NOT be accessed by us once you plan is canceled your data removed and deleted.

- This program if here for your benefit we hope you use it and enjoy it. Any abuse to this program will result in banning you from our site for future purchases.

*This program is currently active for a select few products

If you need help please call us - 888-400-2920 email us -

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