The Doctors Chocolate Nutrient Information and Profile

Unprocessed, dark chocolate has been clinically proven as an anti-oxidant far superior to even green tea or blueberries. Benefits for your heart and for lowering our sugar cravings are exciting news for you or any chocolate lover interested in the health benefits of eating luscious, unprocessed chocolate.

The key word and idea here is ‘unprocessed.’ This means that the chocolate must be of such superior quality that it does not require the ‘Dutch Process,’ using Alkali to enhance the color but stripping out the important flavanoids. It is sad to note that most of the current marketing hype surrounding so-called ‘healthy dark chocolate’ products is so much rubbish. ‘Healthy chocolate,’ if it has been processed, is simply an oxymoron!

Getting Rid of the Unhealthy Sugar & Chemicals and ‘Fillers’
Unfortunately unprocessed chocolate, in its natural state with all of its health promoting qualities intact, is usually an unpleasant, bitter tasting thing. It’s the sugar and fat that brings forth the rich flavors and textures that give chocolate such a wonderful mouth feel!

As a doctor, with a lifetime of experience in food allergies and nutrition, it has long been a dream to find a way to replace all or most of the sugar and, a tiny bit of the fat without using the popular artificial sweeteners that so often pose equally troublesome health challenges.

Now, after many years seeking answers and experimentation by a wonderful team of innovative food scientists, I am delighted to announce an all-natural dark chocolate treat, The Doctor’s Chocolate™ that I am pleased and proud to recommend to you without reservation.

Low Glycemic Index – Safe for Diabetics
The Doctor’s Chocolate™ goes far beyond just using healthy dark chocolate in our formulation of wonderful, all-natural ingredients. Our chocolate is in the form of raspberry/chocolate truffles. There is a tiny bit of natural sugar contained in the natural raspberry flavoring and in the fruit. However, the amount and the glycemic index is so low as to be safe even for diabetics.

Lowering Stress & Tension Scientifically Proven Effective
Next, The Doctor’s Chocolate™ contains an effective amount of an all-natural amino acid, scientifically proven, over 40 years of clinical studies, to lower stress and tension while increasing mental acuity and focus. I have studied the research and it is spot on.

The really good news is, our researchers have just now discovered a proprietary way of encapsulation so that an effective dose of this amazing, all natural, amino acid can be enfolded into our chocolate raspberry centers without any notice, whatsoever, by our customers. The total formulation is in process of being patented.

I cannot over emphasize the health benefits of lowering your daily stress level. Mark this as your most urgent, priority #1 goal every day! In short, stress is, perhaps, the most serious of all health challenges in today’s modern world. Stress is not listed on any death certificate…however, is widely known that stress contributes significantly to cancers, heart disease, and many other diseases that kill us. Yes, stress kills…

Lowering Stress & Tension Can Positively Change Your Life!
…Before stress kills, it can make one’s life a living hell! Consider the evidence of millions of single-parent households and estrangements due to failed relationships. My colleagues, in mental health, would agree that stress and its ugly relatives, irritability and discontent, are the number one culprits of failed relationships!

Anything that you can do, every day, consistently, to defeat stress, will add to your harmony, happiness, and long-term improved health. Drugs are definitely not the answer. I believe that The Doctor’s Chocolate™ offers a luscious chocolate alternative for a far more healthy, happy life. I invite you to try our healthy, all-natural, raspberry chocolate alternative for:

  • Lowering daily Stress & Tension
  • Reducing Sugar and Carbohydrate Cravings
  • Improved harmony, health and happiness

I have recommended the use of specific foods to promote good health and advised patients to avoid inappropriate fats, sugar and artificial sweeteners. However, I have long dreamed of one day finding a way that people could enjoy all of the healthful, anti-oxidant, cholesterol lowering and weight management benefits of unprocessed chocolate without the usual consequences of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

That day has now arrived! After considerable research, several interesting discoveries, consultations with several brilliant colleagues, and some innovative formulation, I am delighted to report the results that we have named The Doctor’s Chocolate™.

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