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Activz Complete 9 - 9 A Day Plus - (270 Capsules One Month Supply)

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Complete 9 - Activz 9 A Day Plus Whole Food Multivitamin Supplement

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  • 270 veggie capsules, one month supply
  • An all natural, 100% vegetarian whole food multivitamin supplement
  • Made with 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fatty acids and a multivitamin mineral complex
  • Complete 9 - 9 a Day Plus vitamins fortifies your body with all the nutrients needed for your body to repair and protect itself-simply stated, your body will maintain optimal health and the ability to perform to potential.
  • These whole food vitamins are 100% Natural, No Synthetics, and made with with organic fruits & vegetables.

Complete 9 - 9 a day plus whole food multivitamin vitamins are a complex blend of vitamins and antioxidants are primarily derived from organic produce picked at the height of their nutrient values. The amino acid chelated minerals facilitate absorption, and the proprietary blend of plant enzymes acts as an efficient delivery system. Together they prepare and distribute the highest quality of nutrients to all the systems of your body. Other key ingredients include essential omega fatty acids that support heart health and 11 strains of probiotics that aid in digestion and strengthening the immune system. Complete 9 - 9 a Day-Plus vitamins promotes increased energy and alertness, helps strengthen the immune system, stimulates brain function, aids circulation, supports heart health, helps to decrease joint pain and improves your overall quality of life.* There Is Nothing Synthetic In the Activz 9 A Day Plus, There Are No Chemicals!


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that adults consume nine servings (4½ cups) of fruit and vegetables daily to access many of the phytonutrients needed for optimal health. In addition to offering whole-food nutrition from these nine servings, Activz 9 a Day+ supplies a proprietary blend of minerals that are delivered in amino acid “chelates” (ring-shaped molecules containing a mineral bonded with amino acids), just as they are in whole foods. Unlike the mineral salts (minerals bonded with salts) found in other supplements, our amino acid chelated minerals are absorbed by the body in their most natural, bioavailable form.

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